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  • April Shirt Blast

    “I am not a role model.” Retired basketball star Charles Barkley said those words in a Nike commercial some years ago. I immediately took issue with that statement until I learned the context in which he said it. He was redirecting the role of role model away from sports superstars and toward

  • April Chaplain's Reflections

    At the beginning of 2020, I was deployed to Central Asia in my role as a Religious Affairs Airman. Little did I know that January would prove to be quite the preview for what the rest of 2020 would turn out to be like. During that month alone, myself and the chaplain who was my Religious Support

  • April Retiree's Corner

    A 44 member security police flight, later dubbed the “Forgotten 44”, ended up being sent to Jidda, Saudi Arabia for their Desert Storm deployment. It was commanded by 2nd Lt. Charles E. Wesley, who had just assumed command of the flight.

  • April Fitness Tips

    Spring Circuit  5 minutes of stretching5-10 minutes of cardio – bike, outside quick jog, or jump rope1 minute of step up’s holding 5-10lb dumbbells1-2 minute plank5-10 minutes of cardio – bike, outside quick jog, or jump rope1 minute pushups1 minute situps5-10 minutes of cardio – bike, outside quick

  • January Chief's Perspective

    In this month’s Chief’s Perspective I want to talk about leadership. Leadership is the ability to influence and drive change. Change within oneself, change within a workplace, or change in a process. We have the ability to change those around us because that’s what we do. We lead as Wingmen. Being a

  • January Chaplain's Reflections

    Hello Swamp Foxes! Welcome back after a month filled with festivities, food, and fellowship. If your December was like many, it was a blur and now 2022 is upon us. There are expectations and desires to look forward to with the coming of the New Year, a chance to reboot, reflect, and re-center

  • January Retiree's Corner

    This will be my 13th Desert Storm Article honoring all Desert Shield/Storm Call-Ups, and the last of 10 articles honoring the 169th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (CAMS). I have tried to achieve the listing of as many people who were in a position of leadership during Combat Operations.

  • December Retiree's Corner

    This will be my 12th Desert Storm article honoring all Desert Shield/Desert Storm call-ups, and the 9th of 10 articles honoring the 169th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. I have expanded more key personnel listings, and my goal is to name and honor as many people as I can in this article

  • December Chaplain's Reflections

    In your life, did you ever wish you could go back and start over? I remember a few times when I assembled a piece of furniture and put the wrong side together or used the wrong screw and partially disassembled the unit and started again. Or when I took a wrong turn that increased my travel time