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  • August Retiree's Corner

    This will be my eighth Desert Storm article honoring the Desert Shield/Storm call-ups, and the fifth of ten articles honoring the 169th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. I have expanded more key personnel and my goal is to name and honor as many people as I possibly can in this article and subsequent articles.
  • August Fitness Tips

    Simple Tips for Staying Hydrated
  • June Commander's Corner

    McEntire Joint National Guard Base (JNGB) is a unique national security asset that provides exceptional military value to the taxpayer at low cost. Providing the biggest bang for the buck for community, state and nation has been something we have prioritized and strived for as an institution. United States Air Force Doctrine states “airpower results from the effective integration of capabilities, people, weapons, bases, logistics, and all supporting infrastructure.” In the mission support arena, we measure readiness by the readiness of our weapon systems. If our mission owners and operators lack people, materiel, training or infrastructure, then it exposes support deficiencies and an urgency to “accelerate change or lose” concerning Airmen, Bureaucracy, Competition and Implementation according to the Air Force Chief of Staff. This necessitates that we all recognize that infrastructure is an under-resourced, rapidly degrading but essential commodity to projecting military power. Infrastructure is a weapon system and must be a concern for everyone.
  • June Chief's Perspective

    The much anticipated post pandemic phase of the COVID-19 crisis is just about upon us. Recent developments have seen a large portion of the country relax or cease to enforce laws, regulations or policies that were implemented in the early stages of the pandemic. Although many aspects of our lives will return to “normal”, there will inevitably be lingering effects that constitute a new state of normal. With that being said, life at McEntire too will return to a pre-pandemic sense of normal. That means programs, processes and procedures that were temporarily suspended due to concerns for the health, safety and welfare of our Airmen will return. One particular program slated to re-emerge in July is physical fitness testing. Are you ready?
  • June Shirt Blast

    Webster’s Dictionary defines “resiliency” as an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. We all deal with misfortune and change, including things like stress, depression, anger, feelings of loneliness, and other stressors. We typically are going through some kind of “storm” in one of these areas, either currently, or we are coming out of one, or something is on its way to us.
  • June Chaplain's Reflections

    Hello Swamp Fox family! I hope y’all are doing well. I’m writing you from an undisclosed location in the Middle East. Things are going well here and we are doing some amazing things. It has stretched and grown me in ways that have been unexpected, difficult, and rewarding.
  • June Retiree's Corner

    This will be my seventh Desert Storm article honoring the Desert Shield/Storm Call-Ups, and the fourth of ten articles honoring the 169th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.  I have expanded more key personnel and my goal is to name and honor as many people as I possibly can in this article and subsequent articles.
  • June Fitness Tips

    If you are looking for a few healthy snack ideas for work/home with the kids here are a few fun ideas!
  • May Commander's Corner

    It has certainly been a difficult year with many external and internal challenges. The current COVID pandemic certainly comes to the forefront of these discussions. I recently lost a loved one to this virus and the reality of this issue bears further discussion. As vaccine production starts to meet demand and population infection rates decline, we will certainly see a slow return to more casual routines.  Herd immunity, mitigation behaviors and vaccinations have combined to produce this result. We are, however, only recently back to the numbers we were seeing at the end of last summer.
  • May Chief's Perspective

    They say experience is the best teacher. Some may add “especially if it’s someone else’s experience.” With that in mind I am sharing a recent experience of mine in the hopes that it may reinforce something we as leaders in the military say all the time but sometimes seems not to be believed. If you need help with your mental health, GET HELP with your mental health. Depending on the model, your resilience is based on multiple attributes or characteristics. Two common attributes are mental and physical health and are perfect examples for this article.