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  • August Fitness Tips

    Best core exercises you can do anywhere and easy, yummy homemade salad dressings for summer salads!
  • August Chaplain's Reflections

    For those who are users of Facebook, you’re familiar with the application’s “Memories” update which pops-up when you first log in. This is one feature Facebook has done well; it reminds you of where you were and who you have become. This past month, my Facebook memory was from eight years prior which showed a younger me standing with my right hand
  • July Commander's Corner

    Once again, I sit and wonder what to write about in my Commanders Article for July and it finally hit me on Sunday morning of June drill. Just when we thought we could enjoy a little downtime after a great TDY to Sweden, Maintenance Group and Logistics Readiness personnel must stay behind because two different aircraft were unable to fly due to
  • June Commander's Corner

    Every organization, whether it be a corporation, civic club, fraternity, sorority, etc. has one thing in common; the key to its survival is the ability to recruit and retain talent. The South Carolina Air National Guard is no different. We can establish the best social media platforms in the world; we can give away all the best swag ever invented;
  • June Chief's Perspective

    One day I arrived to work at 6:30am and an hour later received a call from my wife telling me she was sick. That would not normally be a reason to go home, but this particular day, our oldest child was only 33 days old. Mom was in no condition to take care of herself and the demands of a one-month-old. I sent my boss an email advising I had gone
  • June Chaplain's Reflections

    “Be Still”
  • June Fitness Tips

    Calculating Your Training Heart Rate Zones Heart-rate training benefits everyone, from the beginning exerciser trying to lose weight, to individuals trying to improve their cardiovascular fitness, to the highly conditioned athlete preparing for the next competition.The key to making progress is to elevate your heart rate into the correct training
  • June Retiree's Corner

    We had one of the smaller groups for our monthly Luncheons in a while, around 40-45 folks showed up. We enjoyed listening to Lt. Col. Andrew “Tank” Thorne, neat and informed guy. Mark Garman was one of our first-timers. It is always good to have folks come from any distance to break bread with us. Graham Heller came up from the Charleston area.
  • May Chief's Perspective

    Self-examination and dedication to continuous improvement are foundational to success in life. Do you check yourself regularly and evaluate your service commitment? Do you welcome a fellow Wingman correcting you when needed? Let’s talk about accountability because it is at the heart of everything we do as individuals and Airmen every day. I have
  • May Retiree's Corner

    Doing something different this month, a chronological historic synopsis about Congaree/McEntire from my viewpoint, I call it a Special Edition, and it’s long!Our April Luncheon brought us 57 participants to our luncheon table. Our featured speaker was the 169th Logistical Readiness Squadron commander, former 245th Air Traffic Control Squadron