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  • December Commander's Corner

    As 2019 comes to a close, please take stock in what we have accomplished together. From deploying Airmen across the planet, to excelling in inspections and our Mid-Point Visit from the ACC/IG, you should take great pride in what you have accomplished. On a more somber note, we cannot forget those who we have lost—as long as we remember, they
  • December Chief's Perspective

    Are you really prepared? Is your axe sharpened?
  • December Shirt Blast

    The term medical readiness can be a daunting topic for those not familiar with it. At times, it can be difficult to see how everything we have to accomplish all fits together and why we have to get it done.  However, in order to be fully prepared to leave at a moment’s notice, whether it’s stateside or overseas, ensuring you are healthy, both
  • December Fitness Tips

    It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday season.. But the feasts and parties that mark it can tax the arteries and strain the waistline.
  • December's Chaplain's Reflections

                Hello Fellow Swamp Foxes! I pray this year was a blessed one for you and the New Year will bring health, happiness and prosperity. As a member of your Chaplain Corps, our staff is continually lifting you up and making ourselves available for whatever challenges come your way. It is a true honor to serve our great nation, state and
  • December Retiree's Corner

    We had around 60 folks to show for the November Luncheon, two first-timers, Carl Kitchens who served in the 240th Combat Communications Squadron from 1955-65, well before my time, and almost an original member (April 18, 1952). The other first- timer was Col. Brian Tenbrunsel, who has flown under the radar for a number of years, escaping a visit to
  • November Commander's Corner

    We as Americans have been given more, and therefore have more to lose, than any nation in the history of the world. The foundation of America is rooted in the constitution, which in turn is grounded by liberty. Liberty is the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, so that the
  • November Chief's Perspective

    This past summer we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon flight. What an incredible accomplishment. In less than eight years, the United States went from a simple 15-minute suborbital flight to the incredibly complicated feat of landing astronauts on the moon and returning them safely to the earth. This was a complicated
  • November Shirt Blast

    With the deployments coming up, I was asked to write about some readiness items. There are so many moving parts to preparing for departure, do you know the things to ask or think about?  Every rotation comes with process and system changes to keep us on our toes. I cannot incorporate everything in this article, but below are a few items even the
  • November's Chaplain's Reflections

    Hello Swamp Fox family! I hope and pray that y’all are doing well as we gather together this November. Halloween has just past but there is another day that is often overlooked and would be good to think about.For Christians, November 1 is All Saints day. It is a day when we think about all the men and women who are in Heaven. They are what we call