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  • February Commander's Corner

    After over years 20 years of working in Finance at McEntire Joint National Guard Base, I have learned many lessons.  Of upmost importance, is the reality that the “budget talks” and “federal spending budget cuts” headlines on the national news REALLY affect the way that we do business daily. When the new fiscal year is about to begin or has begun
  • February Chief's Perspective

    It was always my desire to join the military and serve my country. I was not sure if I wanted to make a career of the military but I wanted to serve all the same. The opportunity presented itself and I enlisted in the United States Air Force. Unfortunately after only serving six months, my mother passed and my dad was deceased ten years earlier. My
  • February Shirt Blast

    “I will never leave an Airman behind.” That’s a lofty goal, isn’t it? We’ve all said it many times at basic training or school or just in our minds. We’d like to think that if faced with a terrible situation, we’d rise to the occasion, vanquish the foe and save our wingman. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all except, many of us are
  • February Chaplain's Reflections

    As we walk life’s journey on the road to discover our purpose and fulfillment, often times we do not see the struggles we face as building blocks that strengthen our spiritual resiliency. There are many options in this world to enlighten and focus our spiritual guidance and practice.  In various religions, there are components empowering us to
  • February Fitness Tips

    1. Visualize a list of goals:  Seeing is believing. Create a list of the fitness goals that you want to hit this year. Once you see this written down, visualize it in your head. This will help you get a routine going. Put them on your fridge to keep yourself accountable.2. Beat your excuses:  We have heard almost all of them that are out there.
  • February Retiree's Corner

    The new year was started off with a good starting Luncheon. We had about 65-70 folks attending, a large contingent from the retired Civil Engineers, who showed up to listen to Lt. Colonel Wade Rivers talk about communications. In addition to our ‘featured speaker’ we had the SCNG Deputy Adjutant General, BG Jeffrey Jones, a very personable person,
  • January Commander's Corner

    It was June of 1991 and I had just enlisted in the South Carolina Air National Guard as Airman 1st Class Rivers. My first Air Force career field specialty was as a “Communications Computer Systems Operator” and the Communications Squadron was located in the 169th Operations Group building. Computer systems and local area networks were becoming
  • January Chief's Perspective

    Anybody who has worked with me over the years knows I love taking care of people. It’s what I was born to do. And it’s why I am so passionate about the SCANG and all the people here. Taking care of people boils down to three simple ideas: communication, speaking truth with compassion, and demonstrating concern.We’ve all heard about communication.
  • January Shirt Blast

    Adapted from a talk given during the169th Fighter Wing Resilience Tactical Pause on December 7, 2019.CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright said in a video message, “someone is struggling” and that we must “lead them to a better answer.” How will you know who is struggling? Most people who take their own life feel alienated from others. YOU can change that, but
  • January Chaplain's Reflections

    Happy New Year Swamp Fox family! As I write this, I have just gotten off a four-day 64 mile prayer walk/pilgrimage hiking through Francis Marion National Forest from Mepkin Abbey in Monks Corner to the Shrine of our Lady of Joyful Hope in Kings Tree. I was leading 10 seminarians who wanted to pray and reflect.As we hiked, we had to decide before