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October Shirt Blast

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Brian Wright
  • 245th Air Traffic Control Squadron

Editor's note: Brian Wright was promoted to the rank of Senior Master Sgt. on 1 September 2022.

Hello Swamp Foxes,

As I prepare to move on from my post as the First Sergeant for the 245th ATCS, I’d like to take a few moments to share some of my experience with you and thank those who helped make the last two years some of the most rewarding and formative of my career. To the men and women of the 245th ATCS it was truly a pleasure to serve as your Shirt! Even though I never officially donned the diamond that never stopped you from welcoming me into your squadron and providing me with experiences and insight that I will carry with me as long as I continue to wear the uniform. You taught me many lessons about air traffic control and the nuances it takes to maintain control of the sky at all times. It amazed me to see how effortlessly you performed tasks such as setting up a mobile radar station or performing aircraft launch and recovery operations back in the McEntire tower. It has been my pleasure to serve with you!

That being said, to anyone has ever considered applying for a First Sergeant vacancy I encourage you to do so! It certainly isn’t a job that fits everyone and it brings with it many unique challenges that will require your time and energy and force you to grow as a leader. But these challenges a First Sergeant assignment brings with it that are also its greatest reward. In my humble opinion, there is no greater accomplishment as a leader than watching the individuals you serve with succeed and grow. Their success is our success as Swamp Foxes! When duty calls it is imperative that each and every one of us are ready and able to meet the demands placed upon us in service to our great nation and state. As a First Sergeant I assure you that you will have a direct impact on helping to make sure every member of your unit of assignment is fit to fight or has the tools necessary to get them there.

Lastly, as a leader at any level we are constantly challenged with building relationships, bridging communication gaps and forging networks with offices and agencies outside our immediate area of concern. It are these relationships I have had the chance to build that I will cherish the most as I move on to my next position. Thus, as my time with the 245th Air Traffic Control Squadron comes to an end, I have made it my last mission to say thank you to everyone who has challenged me, assisted me, or educated me along this journey. To each airman I have gotten to know, every NCO I have challenged or who has challenged me, and last but certainly not least the SNCOs, Chiefs, and Officers I have had the privilege of serving with, I assure you I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know and I thank you all for allowing me to be your Shirt!