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Red Cross Notifications

Family must contact the Red Cross to engage their
assistance. If the deployed member or commander
contacts the Red Cross, the Red Cross will disengage
services. The deployed unit is responsible for
arrangements and notifications. 
Give these numbers to your family:
American Red Cross

SC Chapter Toll free: 1-800-922-4469
National Toll-Free: 1-877-272-7337
McEntire Personnel Office: 803-647-8611/8725

Legal Information

Under the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act, a deploying member has certain rights, but they must initiate the steps. Form letters are available in the legal office that can help members send a letter to their creditors for these matters.

  • Interest rates on loans are to be capped at a 6% rate. This is very useful for Airmen who may have high credit card interest rates or auto loan payments.
  • A house cannot be foreclosed on while a military member is on a deployment, however this does not stop the foreclosure process as a whole.
  • Any civil litigation suits (family court, custody battles, divorces etc.) get a stay on the proceedings until the member returns. This doesn't mean the case goes away, but simply gets "paused" while they are serving our nation.
  • The member can terminate a lease without a penalty

Please contact the Legal Office at (803) 647-8210 for any additional questions or concerns.

Finance Entitlements

  • Base Pay, BAH, BAS
  • $50/month Hardship Duty Pay
    Main Body location
  • Combat Zone Tax Exclusion
    The member is exempt from paying federal or state taxes
  • Per Diem $3.50 a day
  • $250/month Family Separation Allowance
    Member must fill out a Family Separation Form and have an up-to-date BAH form
  • Officer Uniform Clothing Allowance
    Members will fill out an Air Force Form 1969, Officer Uniform Allowance Certification
  • SGLI
    Members do not pay SGLI premium while deployed. Deductions will resume once the orders have ended.

      Information on starting the Savings Deposit Program 
      and the Eagle Cash Card program.

      If you have any questions or concerns,
      please call the Finance Office at:
      (803) 647-8221.