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  • September Chaplain's Reflections

    Do you have moments in your life you can recall vividly?  Maybe it was the moment you graduated basic training. All of those hours of sweat, determination, pain and yelling.  All those early mornings and late evenings, the marching, the formation, the "Yes Ma'am" "Yes Sir", the pushups and sits ups

  • August Shirt Blast

    When a combat deployment becomes more deployment than combat, frustration can become fatiguing. Every time an F-16 takes off loaded for bear and then lands again with the same load having found no bears, not even little baby bears, it can wear on you. Especially when you are hot, sweaty, bored,

  • August Chief's Perspective

    As a newly promoted drill status guardsman chief master sergeant, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my mentors and those who helped me achieve this goal since joining the USAF in 1989. McEntire JNGB is truly a part of my extended family and I thank everyone for this extraordinary

  • August Commander's Corner

    As the sun sets on another successful Swamp Fox Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) deployment, we have time to reflect on the past three months. Swamp Fox F-16s last deployed to Prince Sultan Air Base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from March to July of 2001. They were tasked with enforcing the No-Fly

  • August Retiree's Corner

    This will be my eighth Desert Storm article honoring the Desert Shield/Storm call-ups, and the fifth of ten articles honoring the 169th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. I have expanded more key personnel and my goal is to name and honor as many people as I possibly can in this article and

  • June Commander's Corner

    McEntire Joint National Guard Base (JNGB) is a unique national security asset that provides exceptional military value to the taxpayer at low cost. Providing the biggest bang for the buck for community, state and nation has been something we have prioritized and strived for as an institution. United

  • June Shirt Blast

    Webster’s Dictionary defines “resiliency” as an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. We all deal with misfortune and change, including things like stress, depression, anger, feelings of loneliness, and other stressors. We typically are going through some kind of “storm”

  • June Chief's Perspective

    The much anticipated post pandemic phase of the COVID-19 crisis is just about upon us. Recent developments have seen a large portion of the country relax or cease to enforce laws, regulations or policies that were implemented in the early stages of the pandemic. Although many aspects of our lives