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  • January Fitness Tips

    Small changes add up to big results over time, especially if you’re looking to lose weight with tweaks to your nutrition and fitness habits. Moreover, making simple changes gradually helps ensure it’s an overall lifestyle change and something that’s sustainable long term — preventing the likelihood you’ll gain the weight right back.
  • January Retiree's Corner

    This month we will honor the 157th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) from the Desert Shield/Storm era.
  • December Commander's Corner

    To say that this past year has presented some challenges is clearly an understatement! While 2020 was certainly not easy, I hope you can take a few moments to reflect on what has happened and what you have accomplished under difficult circumstances. While we invariably endured setbacks, I hope you can look back on the totality of what you accomplished with great pride.
  • December Chief's Perspective

    Recently I took a trip to South Dakota and you are probably asking yourself “why would you travel to South Dakota in November?” Well, the South Dakota Air National Guard is where I enlisted after my brief time on active duty. I ‘Palace Chased’ into the unit and shortly after attended my first drill as a Lobo. As I met all the members I would be working with, one stood out immediately. At the time when I met him, he was one of the fulltime technicians in the shop and was someone I came to lean on with all my questions.
  • December Shirt Blast

    Do you remember the first time you tackled uncharted waters on your own? Was it during college? Tech school? Moving out on your own? Many times when we experience uncharted waters the routines and schedules we are used to shift and sometimes not in the healthiest ways.
  • December Chaplain's Reflections

    I hope that you and your families are doing well and looking forward to the holidays. You may also be looking forward to celebrating New Year’s! Although I believe that it will not be so much of a celebration of the coming of the new year but rather the leaving behind of this past year!
  • December Retiree's Corner

    We are in the early stages of honoring all the Desert Shield/Storm call-ups. This month we will be honoring the 169th Services Flight, the 169th Tactical Fighter Group, and the 169th Mission Support Squadron.
  • December Fitness Tips

    Healthy Holiday Nutrition Tips and Healthy Tips for the Holiday Season
  • November Commander's Corner

    In 1983 I enlisted in the South Carolina Air National Guard at age 17 and it only took me 37 years to finally get an opportunity to write a column for the SCANG News. As my high school basketball coach once told me, “Bowers, you’re very slow. But you make up for it with a lack of quickness!” True to form, I am still very slow and lack quickness. But I finally made it to the SCANG News Commander’s column. And I could not be more thrilled to share a few thoughts with you.
  • November Chief's Perspective

    A lot of us have always considered McEntire Joint National Guard Base (JNGB) as a part of our family. This is the place where we usually spend more time than we do with a lot of our own family members. Everyone has busy lives with jobs, school, hobbies, friends and even other business ventures. The hectic lifestyles we lead tend to pull us away from our fellow Swamp Fox teammates. I want to make sure we never lose the camaraderie that keeps many of us dedicated to the unit.