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  • February Shirt's Blast

    Greetings Swamp Fox Airmen! This month, we’re going to touch on records. More specifically, your records. Our records are a reflection of our military careers and while we may not have direct access to update them ourselves, we are ultimately responsible for making sure they’re correct. Don’t believe me? Try applying for a position with outdated or
  • February Commander's Corner

    When is the last time you changed your toothbrush? A novel gift in my Christmas stocking this year was an electric toothbrush with a twist. Built on a subscription model, every three months the company mails you a replacement brush, battery, and toothpaste. The motor runs four 30-second cycles to ensure you brush a full two minutes, making your
  • February Chief's Perspective

    A recent article titled ‘VA reveals its veteran suicide statistic included active–duty troops’ in the Stars and Stripes dated June 20, 2018 highlights suicide rates in the military. In light of the stressful environment we all experience because we are in the profession we are in, I wanted to share a little something about myself. I struggle. I sit
  • February Fitness Tips

    Tips for a Healthy 2019The holiday season is over, so it's time to start thinking about eating healthier again. Research shows that on average, people put on just a pound or two over the holidays, but any weight you gain can take months to shed. That means you'll probably want to return to eating a healthier diet as soon as you can. But it's not
  • February Chaplain's Reflections

    Hello my fellow Swamp Foxes! It is that time of year again when I remind all you fellas out there that Valentine’s Day is February 14th. Ladies, should your beau forget, I’ve got a whole box of tissues and plenty of dark chocolates on my desk!Last year I wrote a little about the origin of St. Valentine’s Day but I thought I’d give a little more
  • January Commander's Corner

    We all joined the United States military for a reason. It is not just another job. Everyone on this base has a different story for how and why they ended up here in the SCANG, but I am certain that all the stories and reasons have a common thread: desire to serve our country. There are certainly additional motives, but the shared value of service
  • January Chief's Perspective

    Readiness – the state of being fully prepared for something or the willingness to do something. These are only a few meanings of readiness as defined by the dictionary, but what does it mean to you? Anyone who has deployed knows that readiness means having all your boxes checked on your out-processing checklist and that your unit deployment manager
  • January Fitness Tips

    How to Upgrade your Workout for 2019We all want to have great workouts to melt fat, add more muscle and improve our health and fitness. But to move to the next level, the all-too-common ways to “upgrade” your workout include adding more weight to your exercises, doing more sets, doing more reps or all the above.Unfortunately, at a certain point,
  • January Chaplain's Reflections

    “Dare to be First”I like to invite you to take a moment and reflect with me on some of the events of this past year. As you come to the eve of 2019 there are memories of 2018 which encourage and sadden your heart. From these memories, you can mark history. The interesting aspect about history is the opportunity to learn from it and challenge
  • January Retiree's Corner

    We had our largest crowd of 2018, around 70 folks attend the December Luncheon. The room looked crowded to me. Our featured speaker was Col. Scott Bridgers, the 169th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander. He hadn’t been around to see us since 2014 and he had to be at Shaw to check out two different people on the flight simulator. He said he