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February Shirt Blast

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. April Scott
  • 169th Security Forces Squadron

“As Airmen, we are charged with upholding a culture founded on professionalism, dignity, and respect – that’s what our core values are about.” -Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James

When was the last time you looked at the 'Little Blue Book'? It contains a wealth of knowledge and guidance. Some people are raised on the values contained in the book, and some people are not. Either way, Core Values are taught to all Airmen at basic training.  As a refresher, let’s talk about what they are.
Integrity First
We should all know this means doing what is right even when no one is looking. You are amazing. However, on the rare occasion that you make a mistake, be honest with yourself. Own up to it!  Be accountable with your shop, office, and/or boss. Could you correct it?  Learn. Move on. Some mistakes, however, do need top cover. Learn what mistakes should be elevated up the chain of command to protect you. This also means protecting your coworkers. Shoptalk should stay in the shop safe space, not leaked to the press. 

Service Before Self
2020 has highlighted how vital ‘Service Before Self’ truly is. Some people delivered food to at-risk residents during the quarantine or donated antibodies to help others in the hospital. 'Service Before Self' goes beyond what we do for each other in the community. It also includes our work. Sometimes, we are required to miss the kids’ baseball games, birthdays, and anniversaries. We even have to stretch outside our comfort zone for a new job/task assigned.  It is important to keep boundaries. Don’t put yourself at a safety or health risk. Be smart and use the risk management tool regularly. Also, be sure to talk with your supervisor when you need assistance. 
Excellence in All We Do 
Do you remember when you were so proud of yourself for getting that good grade in school?  You worked so hard for that accomplishment and mom and dad rewarded you with a night out to the burger joint down the street. So excited to order this treat; extra cheese, no onions.  And when you got the order, it has extra onions and no cheese!  That worker did not provide excellence and your whole night was ruined. No matter how small the task might seem, it has a purpose. Other agencies on base are our customers and we should provide the best service possible, not just for them but also for your own work reputation.
As wingmen, professionals, and leaders, our responsibility is to respectfully ‘check’ each other and course-correct appropriately when needed. We should strive to be a better version of ourselves each day and support each other on our journey.