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  • SC ANG pilot posts 4,000 hours

    Lt. Col. Scott "Cleetus" Bridgers recently joined the elite class of F-16 Fighting Falcon pilots to cross the 4000-hour flying threshold, stepping to his aircraft with nearly 3,996 hours in the seat of a Viper and landing with 4,000.5.Bridgers is deployed to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan in support

  • Self-inspection is key to Vulnerability Assessment

    The SCANG recently underwent an assessment of the McEntire Joint National Guard bases' vulnerability to terrorist and criminal activity.Lt. Col. Paul Laymon, commander of the 169th Security Forces Squadron and the base Antiterrorism officer, said the intent of the vulnerability assessment is to

  • Swamp Foxes strengthen spiritual resilience

    "Resiliency is more than a catch phrase," says Lt. Col. Brian Bohlman, 169th Fighter Wing chaplain. A diverse group of McEntire's personnel attended the first ever "Ultimate Spirituality: Resiliency and Relationships" training at McCrady Training Center Feb. 8. The course, led by Bohlman and retired

  • Exercise evaluates emergency response

    McEntire personnel conducted a joint Major Aircraft Response Exercise Jan. 31, the first of its scale for the base. The scenario was created specific to the reality of having dual airframes on the base, the F-16 fighter jet and a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, and the possibility that an incident

  • Top 3 Conference, Enlisted leaders go “B2B - 2020”

    More than 120 non-commissioned officers of the SCANG gathered at the McCrady Training Center in Eastover for a three-day conference in January to discuss the process of creating better relationships between senior and junior NCOs. The theme of the conference, 'B2B: 2020 Back-to-Basics,' placed great

  • Eagle Vision IV Member Returns from Deployment in Mali, West Africa

    MSgt. Troy Wilkerson with SCANG's Eagle Vision 4 (EV4) recently returned from Air Base 101 Senou located in Bamako, Mali, West Africa. MSgt. Wilkerson deployed for 45 days assisting a team of Eagle Vision operators with obtaining imagery of Mali and surrounding countries. The team consisted of nine

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