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  • October Chief's Concerns

         Many of you may have heard of the Chief's Council but I was wondering if our wing members actually know what the council is all about? As a member of the Chief's Council, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you, about the council and its purpose.          The purpose of the council is to serve as an advisory council to the Wing,
  • September Commander's Corner

    Do you ever wonder what technologies we take for granted today will be unknown to the next generation? Today's kids have grown up without floppy disks, record players, cassette tapes and televisions with picture tubes. Their children will eventually make fun of them for the slowness of high-speed internet, the lack of clarity of HD television and
  • September Chief's Concerns

    In these ever changing times, an NCO might at any time be placed in the role of being a responsible leader. They must be prepared to accept and perform in their leadership role in order to contribute to the overall mission. Some tools available to prepare these individuals are the Airman Leadership School, NCOA and Senior NCOA courses. These
  • Commander's Corner

    People like hot fries. It's a very simple statement with a lot of truth and motivation behind it. I recently attended an NCO Academy graduation where the guest speaker was the fifth Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Chief Master Sgt. Robert Gaylor. As part of his speech, he told the story of visiting a hamburger stand in southern Texas where
  • Chief's Concerns

    Why do you serve? Technology, lessons learned and empowerment have changed the way we protect our nation and homes, but the patriotic duty to serve is instilled in us as Americans. Since 9/11, it seems we have had a constant flow of deploying, training and working toward this duty. Maybe you don't recognize it in yourself, but you are serving and
  • Commander's Corner

    At a remote airfield, a pair of F-16 "Viper" fighter aircraft zooms overhead, turning left on knife's edge as they get into the landing pattern. Amidst the fleeting sound of the jet engines overhead, the chirp and whine of landing gear coming down on the two airborne fighters signal their intentions to land. As they make their downwind leg, two
  • Chief's Concerns

    SCANG promotion opportunities are available!Promotions are based on the need for qualified individuals and the extent to which folks prepare themselves to meet those needs. The organization's needs are always changing, but the need for qualified individuals to fill them is constant. Promotions recognize excellence in past performance and