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  • February Commander's Corner

    Hello Swamp Foxes! Wow! It's been a little over a year since I became the Mission Support Group Commander and what a year it has been! As I visit around the base, I have found that many do not necessarily understand what the Mission Support Group (MSG) is, or what we do, so I'd like to conduct a little MSG 101 for you. The MSG currently consists of
  • February Chief's Concerns

    As we take the next step on the road toward our November 2013 Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI), I'd like to briefly reflect on where we've been since our last ORI in December 2008. We have prepared for and excelled in at least 11 different inspections and 11 major deployments with 5 of those deployments being in support of Operation Enduring
  • January Commander's Corner

    I hope 2013 brings you and your family happiness, health and prosperity. This past year presented challenges for many American's as stress levels and anxiety elevated over our unemployment and economic uncertainties. Although there are varying opinions about the overall well being of our great country; I am confident that, as those before us have,
  • January Chief's Concerns

    Happy New Year! If you're reading this then it appears we've survived the Mayan apocalypse, just in time to prepare for an inspection. With the ORI set to kick off this November, I want to talk about some things I believe will help our wing be successful during the inspection and long after. Never forget how we got here. Many great men and women
  • From the Wing Commander

    My wife Denise is a longtime fan of the SCANG News. In fact, for years, she probably got to it faster and read it more regularly and more thoroughly than I did. The same might be true in your home. Odds are the monthly newsletter has served as an important link between the wing and your family. As our Public Affairs team transitions from to the
  • December Commander's Corner

    The late author of the coveted publication, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. Stephen R. Covey wrote, "All of us think we see the world as it is, when in reality, we see the world as we are." These words are affixed to the front cover of the FOUR LENSES 4-Temperment Discovery booklet used during many of our Yellow Ribbon events.
  • December Chief's Concerns

    "Tis the season to be jolly"-but isn't that always easier said than done? While the holidays bring us many joys- family reunions, good food, thoughtful gifts- they also entail an incredible amount of stress: Family reunions can dredge up old family conflicts, the good food often requires lots of careful preparation, and holiday shopping can be a
  • November Commander's Corner

    By the time you read this I will have been at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, for a couple months. But to get here I had to go through a twelve day course called "Combat Arms Skills Training" (CAST) at Camp Anderson-Peters inside of Camp Bulles in San Antonio, Texas. The camp is Tier 3 pre-deployment training and dedicated to Airman 1st Class Carl L.
  • November Chief's Concerns

    First and foremost I want to take this opportunity to welcome back everyone who deployed in support of the 169th Fighter Wing 2012 Air Expeditionary Force. What an intriguing experience to see all the different AFSC's and skill levels merge together and perform such an enormous and challenging task with outstanding results! As usual the Swamp Fox
  • October Commander's Corner

         Any attempt to capture, in words, the magnitude of this wing's accomplishments over the past several months would almost surely fail.      I am awe struck by your determination, your professionalism, your courage and the extent to which you are willing to endure personal sacrifice for the sake of our mission. In fact, I am humbled to serve