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  • Wing Inspection Team Evaluates Deployment Readiness Processes

    Equipped with red Swamp Fox hats and badges, the Wing Inspection Team, WIT, assigned to the 169th Fighter Wing, participated in the Red Flag Deployment Inspection here, Jan. 19-22.Inspectors from the Air Combat Command Inspector General, ACC-IG, were also on-hand as part of the 169th FW Unit Effectiveness Inspection, UEI, Midpoint evaluation.The
  • McEntire Offers Free Motorcycle Training Courses

    South Carolina National Guard and 169th Fighter Wing personnel and their dependent family members are welcome to participate in the various Motorcycle Safety Courses offered throughout the year here, free of charge.The Basic Riders Course, The Basic Rider's Course II and the Military Sport Bike Course are tailored to the different skill levels of
  • Human Trafficking - You may be closer than you think...

    Do you know or would you recognize the signs of human trafficking? Have you ever witnessed suspicious behavior that could be indicators of human trafficking? Do you know what to do if you did observe suspicious behavior? In other words, how can YOU combat trafficking in persons? Trafficking in Persons (TIP) is a serious violation of human rights
  • AAFES multiplies customers’ purchasing power

    The Army and Air Force Exchange Service has been helping our service members for 125 years. So many of the installations around the world have large Base/Post Exchanges, gas stations and commissaries that often times we can forget that AAFES is part of our Swamp Fox family here. "Although we are small, our BX is profitable due to the value
  • McEntire retires a 40-year veteran

    Mr. Derriel Amick, a contract inspector here, is set to retire from the 169th Civil Engineer Squadron, Jan. 11th after more than 40 years of service both as a Guardsman and state employee, and countless hours improving this installation."He started his military career here, but his love and passion for McEntire led him to become a full-time
  • Eagle Vision IV Assists with the Flooding Response Efforts in the Carolina's

    While Hurricane Jaoquin was lashing the Bahamas on 28 Sept., Airmen of the 169th Communications Flight Eagle Vision IV (EV4) Mobile Ground Satellite Station located here, began acquiring optical images of the U.S. East Coast from the SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 commercial high-resolution, imagery Earth observation satellites. Although Joaquin steered clear
  • McEntire hosts 2015 Swamp Fox Boy Scouts Camporee

    More than 700 Boy and Cub Scouts from more than 60 different Boy Scouts of America troops, camped here, during the Indian Waters Council 2015 Swamp Fox BSA Camporee, Dec. 5-6.The event was hosted by the South Carolina National Guard to allow Scouts the opportunity to interact with Guardsmen and compete and earn various merit badges."We don't always
  • Santa Jets to McEntire to visit Swamp Fox Children

    Several hundred family members of South Carolina Air National Guardsmen gathered to greet Santa at the flight line in a Swamp Fox F-16 Fighting Falcon here, Dec. 5."Santa told us that our Swamp Fox children have been very good this year, and he has a special spot in his heart for the children of those who stand in service of the this great nation,"
  • Brig. Gen. Rushe promoted, takes over as S.C. National Guard Assistant Adjutant General for Air

    The South Carolina Air National Guard saw its second general officer promotion in as many days when the Assistant Adjutant General for Air (ATAG), Brig. Gen. Russell A. Rushe was promoted in a ceremony November 8. Rushe assumed ATAG duties last month from the retiring Brig. Gen. Thad Myers.South Carolina Air National Guard Chief of Staff Brig. Gen.
  • S.C. Air National Guard promotes first female general officer

    In another historic Swamp Fox milestone, Brig. Gen. Theresa B. Prince was promoted during a ceremony Saturday, becoming the South Carolina Air National Guard's first female general officer in its 69 year history.Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Jim Chow, former Special Assistant to the Director Air National Guard, presided over the ceremony. "Ever since we met, I

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