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October Fitness Tips

  • Published
  • By Michelle Walker
  • 169th Force Support Squadron
Foot position during knee extensions affects quad development:

Knee extensions isolate and build the quadriceps muscles. Building the inner part of the quads is important for people with kneecap pain. People with kneecap pain should do this exercise with toes pointed inward to better build the vastus medialis (inner part of quads) and help the kneecap track more to the inside of the joint.

Upright seat angle is best during knee extensions:

The exercise effectively isolates the knee joint and maximizes the stress on the quadriceps. During the exercise the structure of the machine and contraction of the core muscles (trunk muscles) stabilize the body, which allows the knee to extend against resistance. Poor adjustment of the machine results in excessive stress on the spine and inadequate isolation of the knee and quadriceps. Adjusting the seat in the full upright position, 90 degrees is best for the leg extension machine. This angle maximizes quadriceps activity while minimizing stress on the lower back muscles.

Taking in sugary drinks during exercise decreases fat use:

Most people are aware of the importance of fluid replacement during prolonged exercise and might want to bring along sports drinks. Consuming high sugar drinks during exercise prevents fat use by increasing blood insulin and sugar levels. Consuming sports drinks during exercise may lessen the effects of exercise on weight loss.