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April Chaplian's Reflections

  • Published
  • By Chaplain, Capt. Christina Pittman
  • 169th Fighter Wing


“To live well is to work well, to show a good activity” -Thomas Aquinas

This past month I took the initiative to introduce pet therapy in our unit. You may have noticed Gustave and Hannah, Husky and German Shepherd mix 4-month-old puppies, walking around outside and darting in and out of offices around the base. One Senior Master Sgt. commented that the pet therapy was a time for the dogs to get petted for their therapy. There is no doubt the puppies benefited from the interaction as much as you all! Ultimately, innovation to changing our moments of rigor and stress add to spiritual resiliency. What are some ways you can apply this to your time outside the base? What new spring reviving activity will help you stay spiritually fit for the long haul. If you have not had a chance to pet these puppies, you will be seeing them soon!
(Feel free to also make special requests by emailing me or calling the office number below.)

“Prayer of Dedication to Living and Working Well”

Dear God,
Guide us to aspire to new heights of innovation by reaching past the boundaries of our minds which limits our scope. Instead, we humbly ask you to strengthen us, to embrace our differences, examine our hearts by moral integrity, and empower our spirits to overcome adversity through resiliency in mind, body, and soul. Please, protect our Soldiers and Airmen who willingly go into harm’s way. Those who leave loved ones behind and sacrifice moments which can never be recovered. Furthermore, since May 1670, the first colonists founded the S.C. National Guard at Charlestowne Landing and we continue to strive to be, “Always Ready – Always There” to protect our communities, state, and nation. From flood waters and ice on our home soil to sandstorms and enemy forces across the seas, our S.C. Army and Air National Guard leaves a legacy of impact that will reach generations to come. May this continue to be so by the hand of your blessing.
Help us all to not grow weary in doing good and serving justly. May we not forsake to raise up those who seem to have no hope and obtain strength from the hopeful. And in the appointed time, bring our service member’s home safely and encourage the families who wait for their loved ones return, as well as those who made the ultimate sacrifice. No matter where we serve air, land, or sea…God bless America!

If you desire more information or support on Spiritual Resiliency, pet therapy and counseling, please call the SCANG Chaplain Corps office at 803-647-8265.

We look forward to seeing you all around the base!