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  • April Commander's Corner

    Gotta say I’ve been having some writer’s block.  See, I’m not a man of words like my friend, “Paps” Meares, who eloquently delivered his five keys to leadership during Martina Borg’s promotion to chief master sergeant. I was chatting with Senior Master Sgt. Ed Snyder about this and he told me to, “…just have fun with it – Dolph it up!” My name as a
  • April Retiree's Corner

    I must say, we had a ‘wing-ding’ March Luncheon. Stan Hood invited a couple from his assisted living residence, George and Mary Chassey. George is 96, and during WWII he was a crew chief attached to a P-51 Squadron, the 354th Fighter Wing, 9th Air Force. They were stationed right behind the lines after the Normandy Landing, about a mile behind what
  • April Chaplian's Reflections

    MCENTIRE JOINT NATIONAL GUARD BASE, S.C. “To live well is to work well, to show a good activity” -Thomas Aquinas This past month I took the initiative to introduce pet therapy in our unit. You may have noticed Gustave and Hannah, Husky and German Shepherd mix 4-month-old puppies, walking around outside and darting in and out of offices around the
  • April Chief's Perspective

    I want to take this opportunity to speak on management versus leadership; how to implement each and how they can affect our personnel and mission accomplishment. First, let's look at the standard definition of management: "the art of coordinating the efforts of people and resources to accomplish goals and objectives, efficiently and effectively."
  • March Commander's Corner

    McEntire Joint National Guard Base—a crown jewel and little known power projection platform in South Carolina hosting some of the most lethal global power capabilities on the planet.  Our Swamp Fox reputation and contributions to our nation’s national security are well known, well documented and we cannot afford to let up.  We are blessed with
  • March Chief's Perspective

    We have all been in the Air Force long enough to see a few struggles. It seems like a life time ago, I was boarding my first airplane and headed for basic training. That was back in 1986! I had never been on a plane and at the airport I quickly became friends with a group of nuns that were flying on my same flight. I took comfort that things would
  • March Fitness Tips

    How to reach your maximum heart rate with exerciseAnother way to gauge your exercise intensity is to see how hard your heart is beating during physical activity. To use this method, you first have to figure out your maximum heart rate — the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity. The basic way to
  • March Retiree's Corner

    We seem to be getting more Chiefs as our featured speakers. This is good. For our February Luncheon we had Chief Gary Jackson of the 169th Force Support Squadron. His OIC, Major Ralph Cole, Jr. was doing some time at the Guard Bureau, which is where Chief Jackson spent a lot of his time and background in around the D.C. Beltline area. The Chief
  • March Chaplain's Reflections

     I often wonder how people are able to respond to physical life and death crisis through super human strength. You may have stories you can reflect on as well. The events where a person is found trapped under a car and in a split second a rescuer comes with a rush of adrenalin and lifts a four ton vehicle off a pinned victim. The body is amazing
  • February Chaplain's Reflections

    February 14th we will, once again, celebrate St. Valentine’s Day! It is a day that is considered to be the most romantic day of the year when couples, who have been struck by Cupid’s arrow, exchange cards, chocolates and jewelry. Are you reading this guys...JEWELRY FEBRUARY 14th...mark your calendars! You’re welcome ladies.             But