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  • McEntire Student Flight steps into style

    Every month, a scattering of individuals across the base make their way from building to building, wide-eyed and wearing civilian clothes. Now, thanks to the support of the base, they're no longer individuals, but a team with a common goal. Even though the faces will change, the program mentoring

  • Brains of the Operation

    Having situational awareness is an integral part of mission success for the Airmen of the South Carolina Air National Guard; and the Airmen of the 169th Operations Support Squadron Intelligence Section play a critical role to support the Swamp Fox team."Our primary mission here is to support the

  • South Carolina Air National Guard civil engineers train in Israel

    South Carolina Air National Guard civil engineers have poured concrete, sweat, and more than 6,000 hours of hard work into a construction project 6,000 miles away from home. Airmen from the 169th Civil Engineer Squadron, Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force, completed a 19 day Deployment for Training

  • 169th Medical Group holds Mass Casualty Exercise

    The 169th Medical Group performed a mass casualty exercise that simulated a collision involving a pick-up truck and a civilian bus transporting a local Boy Scout troop while on base, June 18, 2015. Valuable hands-on training such as this is necessary to prepare first-response teams should their

  • Another Swamp Fox first, combined training with Polish Air Force

    The South Carolina Air National Guard's 169th Fighter Wing sent more than 100 Airmen and a contingent of F-16s to Łask Air Base to train with the Polish Air Force's 32nd Tactical Air Wing and the 52nd Fighter Wing's 480th Fighter Squadron from Spangdahlem, Germany in June. This month-long,

  • Swamp Fox Airman has a passion for helping others

    "I love to help people find their journey and be an inspiration for other people," said Knox, an emergency management technician, with the South Carolina Air National Guard's 169th Civil Engineering Squadron.In 2005, Knox and her family suffered through catastrophic events during Hurricane Katrina. 

  • Motorcycle Safety Course available now

    With warmer temperatures and longer days, more motorcyclists will take to the roads, and the Swamp Fox Safety Office says all riders must take the Motorcycle Safety Course. "If you are in the military, and ride a motorcycle, you need to take this course," said Chief Master Sgt. Lee Shepherd, Safety

  • McEntire Airmen crash into training

    Consider this scenario, an aircraft coming in for a routine landing has been damaged, leaving a trail of aircraft parts and debris in its wake. The F-16 Fighting Falcon came to a slow, grinding halt in the middle of the runway.This is the scenario that personnel from various base maintenance shops

  • SCANG celebrates "Family Day"

    During May's training weekend, the roars of nearby  F-16 Fighting Falcons engines were replaced by live music, children's laughter and the occasional sound of a revving race car engine on display nearby.Airmen from the South Carolina Air National Guard took a pause from training to celebrate family

  • Swamp Fox Airmen get muddy for a good cause

    Financial hardships can strike anytime, and the Airmen of the South Carolina Air National Guard dove headfirst into helping by getting muddy for a good cause.The McEntire First Sergeants' Council held a Mud Run prior to Saturday's Family Day to support a fundraising effort called The Warm Hearts

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