McEntire JNGB Weapons Team wins Shaw AFB load competition
A McEntire JNGB Weapons Team, consisting of U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Robert Harrison, Tech. Sgt. Luke Harris and Staff Sgt. Daniel Edgar, represented the Swamp Fox during an F-16 Load Competition held at nearby Shaw AFB, S.C., Dec. 20, 2019. This competition involved a written exam, uniform inspection, inspection of tools, and loading an F-16 with a GBU-38 (500 pound GPS, guided bomb), AIM-9 (heat seeking air-to-air missile) and an AIM-120 (radar guided air-to-air missile). Each team had 30 minutes to load the F-16. Team McEntire JNGB Weapons placed first with a score of 1,760 (of 2,500 possible points) and loaded the F-16 in 18:43 min. The other teams scored 1,340 points (21:08) and 885 points (25:09). (U.S. Air National Guard courtesy photo by Col. Akshai Gandhi, 169th Fighter Wing Commander )