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Chief's Concerns

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Stephen Shepherd
  • 169th Maintenance Group
SCANG promotion opportunities are available!

Promotions are based on the need for qualified individuals and the extent to which folks prepare themselves to meet those needs. The organization's needs are always changing, but the need for qualified individuals to fill them is constant.

Promotions recognize excellence in past performance and expectations of increased contributions to the organization through added responsibility. Both these factors are basic career needs for motivated Airmen. To get a need met takes action on the individual's part. I hope you read carefully ... "get" is a verb that requires effort by the individual. I did not use the word "give." Most of the time, the competition to be promoted is stiff, and it's up to you to be prepared.

Is there a best way to become qualified? Yes! The way to become qualified for promotion is clearly defined, and it's no secret. Like everything these days, you can find it on Google at No government network. No CAC card required.

Here are the AFIs in order of requirements you should understand to get your promotion to the next rank. The three instructions below are the road map. They represent about 100 pages of instructions and references. They all start with "COMPLIANCE WITH THIS INSTRUCTION IS MANDATORY." Ignoring any part of the instruction is not an option. When reading each of the AFIs, remember your supervisors and commanders are looking at your growth with these instructions as their reference.

First in importance is AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Stucture (commonly known as "The Little Brown Book"). This instruction is not "I did that once or I only did not do it once." This is the "I do it all the time even when no one is looking" instruction. It covers organization tiers, leadership and development tiers, specific responsibilities and general responsibilities. This is your plan. Do not over think it; just execute it. If you are doing what is required in AFI 36-2618, you are ready for ANGI 36-2502.

ANGI 36-2502, Promotion of Airmen, contains the rules of how to promote and determine promotion eligibility. This ANGI covers promotion criteria, minimum time in grade and minimum time in service in the Air Guard. It also describes the Air Guard promotion programs, including Position Vacancy Promotion, Deserving Airman Promotion Program and the Exceptional Promotion Program. The DAPP is an opportunity only for those highly qualified and most deserving Airmen based on demonstrated potential. The EPP is not an extension of the DAPP, but a competitive process used for selecting nominees.
EPP was developed to provide promotion opportunities to senior and chief master sergeant for truly exceptional traditional Guard enlisted leaders where vacant Unit Manning Document authorizations do not exist.

Finally, to really understand any program you need to have the big picture. ANGI 36-2101, Assignments Within the Air National Guard, is that big picture. It covers maintaining strength and grade manning.

It is extremely rare that promotion opportunities go unfilled in the SCANG. Sadly, there are occasions when individuals failed to prepare themselves for these opportunities.
Remember, being prepared for promotion is not a chore; it is an integral part of our service to country and a great opportunity to expand our horizons!