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Exercise Typhoon Fox prepares SCANG Airmen for Multi-Dimensional Threats

  • Published
  • By Capt. Lisa Allen,
  • 169th Fighter Wing

The South Carolina Air National Guard conducted exercise Typhoon Fox to enhance readiness and response capabilities by simulating a wide array of potential threats Feb. 29 through March 2, 2024.

The three-day exercise focused on executing operations in a simulated Agile Combat Employment (ACE) environment to prepare personnel for various challenges ranging from ground attacks to sophisticated cyber and ballistic missile threats.

Throughout the exercise Airmen encountered simulated real-world threats including degraded communication and computer networks, power outages, and resource limitations intended to test the resilience and adaptability of SCANG Airmen.

"The primary emphasis of this exercise was to assess our Mission Capability Area requirements and recently trained Multi-Capable Airmen," stated Col. Michael Ferrario, 169th Fighter Wing commander.

"Injects were employed to validate months of real-world MCA training, ensuring the effectiveness of our personnel in carrying out mission-critical tasks while employing combat airpower to deter and defeat the highest level of adversary capabilities."

In addition to the primary objectives, the exercise tested the proficiency of squadrons in performing Mission Essential Tasks (METs). Key part-task training events covered a wide range of functions essential for operational readiness, including supplying POL (Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants), coordinating mortuary affairs, providing cyberspace capabilities, conducting financial and disbursing services, and ensuring personnel accountability.

The exercise also helped validate capabilities in essential areas such as deployable air traffic control operations, fire and emergency services, all-hazard emergency management, and installation and asset protection.

"The comprehensive nature of Typhoon Fox underscores our commitment to preparedness and our ability to respond effectively to diverse and evolving threats," emphasized Ferrario. "By conducting rigorous training across multiple domains, we aim to ensure that our forces are ready to face any challenge with confidence and competence."