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December Fitness Tips

  • Published
  • By Michelle Walker
  • 169th Force Support Squadron
What does the term, 'Glycemic Index' mean and how are we all affected?  Our bodies perform best when our blood sugar is kept relatively constant. 

The link here will give you examples of foods and their glycemic load on the body.
Great resource for us all!

We all think of cardio as running, treadmill, bike, etc. However if you want to mix up your cardio, try the following before a workout to maximize your aerobic activity.

Repeat 3 times with one minute of rest between each round:

15 Squat jumps
30 High knees
50 Jumping  jacks
20 box step ups each leg-holding dumbbell's
90 second plank hold
Rest 15 seconds
15 Squat jumps
Jump rope 1 min.
High knees 1 min.
Jump rope 1 min.
High knees 1 min.