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April Fitness Tips

  • Published
  • By Michelle Walker
  • 169th Force Support Squadron
Resistance Band Training (Full body workout)

2 sets of 10 reps

Back rows:  Standing on resistance band (RB) with feet shoulder width apart, and leaning over slightly with knees bent, allow elbows to pull back as though you are cracking an egg in your shoulder blades.   Remember not to shrug your shoulders up here.

Lateral raise:  Standing on RB with feet shoulder width apart, lift arms until parallel to shoulders

Front raise:  Same as lateral raise, but raise to the front parallel to shoulders.

Bicep curls:  Standing on RB with feet shoulder width apart, lifting up to curl and lowering slowly not to lock out at bottom.  At the top of the motion make sure you are keeping band 6 inches from shoulder.

Triceps:  One foot on RB and the other behind you with band in one arm and locking out at top of the motion and coming down only parallel to elbow

Chest press:  Lying on a mat with the RB knotted, put band behind back with abs up in a bridge position and holding your abs and core tight, you will do a chest press here making sure you are locking out the elbows and the band is over your chest and not shoulders.

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, lower into a squat and as you come up from squat position do a bicep curl, making sure to not lock out knees here to protect your back.

Cheesy Muffin-Pan Meatloaf

If you're looking for a way to better monitor your portions - you can't go wrong with ideas like this!

Ingredients for 5 servings:
· 1lb extra lean ground turkey
· 2 egg whites
· 1 cup cooked quinoa
· 1/2 cup steamed corn
· 1/3 cup chopped red onions
· 1 1/4 cup shredded reduced fat mozzarella
· 10 tbsp. low sodium marinara or tomato sauce
· 1/3 cup chopped jalapeno (optional)
· 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms (optional)
· chopped green onions for topping
· spray coconut oil
· Seasonings:
· 1 tbsp. garlic paste
· 1 tbsp. smoked paprika
· 1 tsp cumin

Utensils: mini-loaf pan or regular muffin pan
**Remember to customize portions & ingredients to complement your diet and goals**

1. Set oven to 375F.
2. Cook quinoa according to the instructions given.  After cooking, allow the quinoa to cool to room temperature.
3. In a bowl, mix together all of the ingredients, except for marinara, green onions and mozzarella. Use your hands to mix to ensure the meat is thoroughly mixed together.
4. Spray the muffin pan with coconut oil.
5. Evenly divide the mixture among 5 mini-loaf muffin holders, as demonstrated. If you are using a regular muffin pan, evenly divide the mixture among 10 muffin holders.
6. Spread marinara sauce on top.  Add 2 tbsp. if using 5 mini-loaves, or 1 tbsp. for 10 muffins.
7. Top with mozzarella cheese. Add 1/4 cup for each of the 5 mini-loaves, or 1/8 cup for 10 muffins.
8. Bake for 20-22 minutes at 375F.  Top with chopped green onions if desired.  Allow the mini-meatloaves to cool before removing from the pan so that they do not break apart.

Approximate macros for 1 of 5 muffins:
262 calories, 16g carbohydrates, 8g fat, 34g protein, 2g fiber, 3g sugar