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January Fitness Tips

  • Published
  • By Michelle Walker
  • 169 Force Support Squadron

Here are a few ways to be gentle to our muscles starting that New Year's workout!!

5 Essential Foam Roller Exercises Your Muscles Will Love

Daily rolling is best (ideally before a workout or in the morning on rest days) but you can start with twice a week. Have only two minutes? Roll your hip flexors, which connect to multiple muscle groups and influence their range of motion.
1. Hip Flexors
Lie face down and place ball between the hollow inside your hip bone and the floor. Bend that knee 90 degrees and rock foot from side to side; move until you feel hip flexor release.
2. Legs
Lie on side with foam roller under hip, resting on forearm, top leg bent. Bend and straighten bottom leg. Roll up on roller and repeat. Continue to just above knee.
3. Glutes
Sit on ball, focusing on a tender spot on one side of your glutes, holding yourself up with arms behind you and knees bent in front of you. On side with ball, open knee out to side, putting weight on ball, and move knee up and down. The closer the knee gets to the floor, the deeper you'll knead into the muscle.
4. Upper Body
Lie on side with foam roller near armpit, pressing where shoulder and back meet. Bend that elbow 90 degrees so forearm is over head, then move arm side to side and up and down from shoulder.
5. Chest
Place ball between front of shoulder and chest and lean against wall to apply pressure. Bend that elbow and move arm side to side and up and down from shoulder.

Another success story from one of our own:

Passing the Air Force fitness assessment has been a challenge for me. After failing my test, I realized the need for a structured program to guide and motivate me. Michelle Walker took on the challenge of turning my bad eating habits and lack of going to the gym into a passing Physical Training score. I received valuable insight on what to eat, how much and nutritional information, with a structured exercise routine that changed periodically. After passing my fitness assessment, I elected to continue with the program. I have a long way to go. But with Mrs. Walker's support, my goals are achievable.

Master Sgt. Anthony King

GREAT JOB Master Sgt. King. You are proof that hard work does pay off! Whether you need a little guidance to pass your Personal Fitness Test or just need a new workout to keep you motivated, please feel free to email me at or call me at the gym at 647-8712.

Wishing everyone a SAFE and HEALTHY 2016!!