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December Fitness Tips

  • Published
  • By Michelle Walker
  • 169th Force Support Squadron
If what you are doing in the gym is not getting you the results you want, then try mixing up your routine with some interval training! For example, if you are using a treadmill and walking at 4.0, try raising the incline to 1 for one minute then incline 2 for an additional minute. Continue doing this until you have to hold on, then lower your incline back to 2 and start over. Continue raising your incline, trying each time to get to a higher level than you did on your last cycle through... Making sure to NEVER hold on to the treadmill so you are working your core and in the process burning more calories trying to stay on the treadmill.

If you trying to increase your run time, of course you still need to practice on the track, however to increase your cardio endurance you can do a walk/run on the treadmill or track. If you normally walk on 4.0 then do that for 1 minute then run at 6mph for one minute and alternate this for the first session. Each time you do cardio intervals, try to increase the run to 7mph and then next time aim for 8mph. If you continue to do interval training you will not only loose those unwanted inches, but it will also make your run much easier as far as your breathing goes!

Here are a few nutritional tips for those crazy busy holidays and the shopping season! Remember planning ahead is key to making better nutritional choices. Making sure when you leave home you have your snacks planned so you aren't stopping to fill up on empty calories. Also remember to never go grocery shopping hungry! Make sure to keep zip lock bags of raw veggies, fruit, nuts and individual packets for peanut butter, which are good go to snacks for those crazy days!

Also remember to ALWAYs keep water on hand!!!