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January Fitness Tips

  • Published
  • By Michelle Walker
  • 169th Force Support Squadron
If you are trying to work off a few of those extra holiday pounds, try putting a few extra slices of lemon in your water. It will not only hydrate you, but the extra lemon is also a great fat burner. You can also keep the little lemon concentrate in your fridge at work so you have something for extra flavor without adding any chemicals or sugar to your water!

To help you be prepared for the upcoming ORE, make certain to plan your lunches or dinners if you will be working longer hours or shift work. On your weekends, when you have a little more down time, you can plan ahead and grill your favorite proteins, like chicken, turkey or salmon. This way, you will have your meals prepared so you aren't tempted to go out for lunch. Vinegar based salad dressings are great to add to grilled meats in freezer zip lock bags so you always have those go to dinners or lunches to thaw out when the week gets a little busy! Remember to watch your portions when adding dressing to your meats... If you are doing 4 chicken breasts, you will want to add 4 servings of dressing. Keep in mind; the vinegar based dressings are better fat burners than the mayo based dressings.

A great way to shed a few of those unwanted pounds is to try using a jump rope in between your workout sets. For example, if you are doing 3 sets for back, try 1-2 minutes of jumping rope in between each of the three sets. If jumping rope isn't a good option, elevate the treadmill and walk uphill for 5 minutes in between each workout set. These are just a few ways to jumpstart your metabolism and get you burning more calories faster.
Wishing everyone a Happy and healthy New Year!