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February Chaplain's Reflections

  • Published
  • By Capt. Benjamin McEntire
  • 169th Fighter Wing
"Love and Integrity"

How much do you know about the life of Sam Houston? It's an odd place to begin an article about romance, but there's something we can learn about Houston's life. If you look back on the life of Sam Houston, you would see a man that was tough, wild, and stubborn. You'd see a man who had a solid grasp of military strategy and a heart for the Native Americans that was ahead of his time. You'd also see a man who was often polarizing and wildly unpopular with his peers.

When Houston led the Texans in their campaign against Santa Ana, he was facing an army far larger and far better trained than his own. Rather than fight his opponent directly at the first opportunity, Houston led his men in a game of cat and mouse, drawing out the supply lines of his enemy and attacking his readiness to fight. By choosing that course Houston was repeatedly called a coward by those over him and even ordered to hand over command. Rather than let popular opinion influence him, Houston boldly remained true to what he knew was true and won the independence of Texas in one decisive blow.

Like Houston, we have to remain true to who we are if we are to succeed in life and, as this month highlights, love. If we put up a false front in order to win affection or popularity, we set ourselves up for failure because eventually the truth will be uncovered, the person's trust crushed, and the relationship broken. Only when we stubbornly exercise our right to be who we are, can we be accepted and loved for who we are. This Valentine's Day which will you choose? Will you settle for love built on a false image, or will you take a risk on building a love based on truth? Semper Veritas!