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October Chaplain's Reflections

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Kirby Whitley
  • 169th Fighter Wing

Have you thought that this moment in time is particularly made for you? You’ve worked hard to condition your mind, spirit, and physical abilities; along with keeping track of your training and skills. After all of those items, do you still consider that you were made for such a time as this?  In a world that constantly changes, we have to adapt and continue to condition ourselves to overcome whatever challenge we face.

Recently my wife and I packed up our family and moved to the west coast for a career change. This was not something that I planned but the opportunity presented itself and we took off on an adventure across this great country towards our final destination. Throughout our journey, we crossed seven states and drove approximately 2,800 miles. Among many lessons learned during the trip, one was having good roadside assistance! During our journey, we did have mechanical troubles in a very remote location. Needless to say, we made it out and experienced numerous blessings from contacts made through social media.

Throughout this journey of life, we encounter individuals who have experienced their own stories and lessons learned. Many of our SCANG members have deployed and have stories to tell, including no air conditioning in tents, no hot water or having a jet that seems uncooperative no matter what maintenance takes place to remedy the situation! All these events and stories provides character and lessons from which we can learn.

I share my story of moving to the west coast as an opportunity to find meaning in your life and to ensure that you were made for such a time as this. Each individual Airman is facing challenges or victories, but my hope is that you are inspired to continue to serve this great state and nation, improving yourself through training and building connections among your ranks. 

Your Chaplain Corps team will continue to provide resiliency resources and Strong Bond events designed to strengthen relationships among individuals, couples, and families. Be on the lookout for these events in the new fiscal year. We look forward to serving you!

If you desire more information or support on spiritual strength or religious provisions, please call the SCANG Chaplain Corps office at 803-647-8265