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September Chaplain's Reflections

  • Published
  • By Maj. Christina Pittman
  • 169th Fighter Wing

As I drove through the areas of our state that suffered extensive damage, I was starkly aware of the harsh terrain of fallen trees and debris which littered our neighborhoods. You might remember the sights too. The flood of 2015 in South Carolina seemed to mark the end of feeling safe and immune to nature’s fury. However, amidst the vast landscape of devastation and loss arose hope, renewal and the resilience of the human spirit. Heading into another hurricane season, I wondered what may befall us. Will we know the hurt of losses in the temporal things of this world or put on our spiritual hurricane preparation and safeguard our treasures in heaven? In our spiritual resiliency, I pray our hearts equipping will be in the eternal treasures beyond this life as evidenced in the spirit of the Swamp Fox.

I am unsure how the first spark of the blue wave of Swamp Fox shirts first begun, yet when I think back, I am more grateful for what our Airmen did for each other and our community. This service enlivened in us through our oath to our state and nation is what will carry us through the uncertain times of our future. Not only are we heading into the uncertain weather, we are heading into a season of long deployments. We are also facing the stark reality of this life and its struggles through the rising suicide cases across our military. Leaders are scratching their heads searching for the right solution or missing link. If we cannot cure pain and suffering in this world, we can certainly be the hands and feet of those who can ease the journey by offering hope.

If you are wondering how to ease the journey, look to the spiritual pillar of resiliency. What is the spiritual strength of your heart? Maybe yours is a person you admire, a relationship with God, faith in Allah, spiritual customs with Yahweh, or sharing with your closest confidant. You may also find walks along the beach, kayaking, and fishing at dawn truly cleansing to your souls. All these have less to do with our possessions and more to do with wholeness in attributes of life, unable to be measured yet seen in acts of kindness, respect justice and love. Engage these strengths in your lives and your spiritual pillar will build in resiliency.

One way to grow resiliency is to equip your life with tools that will help prepare you to face difficult times. New this fall is a course offered on base over a four-week lunch-n-learn hour. Speed of Trust for Service Members by Steven Covey will be offered at a lunch-n-learn each Wednesday afternoon 1130-1230 for four weeks and is open to all personnel. The course will be in the 245th building, location to be announced. Please feel free to bring your lunch. During these sessions, you will grasp your personal awareness to understand your level of trust so that you may build trust with others. Four Lenses is one example of an evaluation exercise used to widen your perspective. Please sign up through email or by phone 803-647-8265 to reserve your materials and resources provided free for the four-week course. Click here to view the course announcement to sign up.

If you desire more information or support on Spiritual Resiliency and counseling please call the SCANG Chaplain Corps office at 803-647-8265. We look forward to serving you all!