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May Shirt Blast

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Alex Gross
  • 169th Fighter Wing

Welcome to May drill! I hope everyone enjoyed the outstanding SCANG Family Day; I know my family had a blast and I hope yours did as well. Huge kudos to all involved! If you were there during the opening, you may have seen me accept a check from the Chief’s Council on behalf of the Warm Heart Fund. 

This Shirt Blast, we’ll take a minute to explain what the Warm Heart Fund actually does. The Warm Heart Fund is a benefit only available to actively participating members of the SCANG family. It is a last resort, true emergency fund designed to help an Airmen in an extreme and urgent time of need. By design, this is a pretty broad description. The fund has helped Swamp Foxes pay for everything from rent to prevent eviction, electric bills to keep the lights on, and even health insurance premiums to ensure Swamp Foxes received the health care they needed. One hundred percent of the funds donated to the Warm Heart Fund go directly to Airmen. It is managed by your First Sergeants; however, all of the funds have been generated by your SCANG councils to include The Chief’s Council, Diamond Council, Top 3 Council, 5/6 Council, and Airmen’s Council through various fundraisers. 

To access the help, Swamp Foxes need only contact their First Sergeant. While this may sound intimidating, I assure you, there will be no judgement. There will be a form to complete and some discussion as to how the situation materialized along with a discussion regarding solutions to prevent a similar situation in the future. Don’t let the discussions scare you; the intent is to pick Airmen up and keep them in the fight, not pass judgement or take disciplinary action. Your information will remain private and only be seen by those with a need to know. The request is reviewed by three First Sergeants for approval or disapproval. If approved, support comes in the form of a grant with no obligation to repay or an interest free loan. Additionally, the Airman will receive a check ASAP, usually the same day.

This is just another way Swamp Foxes take care of Swamp Foxes. Swamp Foxes across McEntire are all doing everything we can to prevent ourselves and our Wingmen from being in this type of need; however, life happens and it happens fast so If ever you or someone you know find themselves in dire straits and in need of immediate funds to relieve the situation; know that the Warm Heart Fund is there. Thank you for what you do for your state and nation! 

Semper Primus!