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September Shirt's Blast

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Alex Gross
  • 169th Fighter Wing

Hello Swamp Foxes and welcome to September Drill! Last week we hit on the Community College of the Air Force and some general facts and misconceptions regarding the Associate in Applied Science Degrees available through the school. This week we're going to cover a few of the additional programs available to you. Did you know the CCAF and Air University have certification programs as well as programs to help obtain higher level degrees? First, I'd like to touch on why you care. Life is competitive. Whether it's a new job, civilian promotion, or military promotion; we are virtually always competing (sometimes without knowing it!). Knowing about all of these programs gives you an advantage. Those who don't stay informed surrender their advantage to those who do. That said, let's cover some of the programs available to you and your Airmen.

For clarification sake, it is important to know that CCAF falls under Air University. Air University is the juggernaut of Air Force education and is home to CCAF, EPME, OPME, and much more. In addition to reading below, I would highly recommend surfing their site for all they have to offer ( Here's a sample:

CCAF Certification

Professional Manager Certification (PMC)- The Professional Manager Certification (PMC) is a professional credential awarded by CCAF to formally recognize the Airman's advanced level of education and experience in leadership and management, in addition to their professional accomplishments. It broadens the professional development of Airmen and can be a huge advantage for those competing for grade or positions. If you've completed Course 14 LOOK INTO THIS!

Airframe and Powerplant Certification- This one is for the aircraft maintainers out there and allows you a path to fast-track your FAA Airframe and Powerplant certification. It's no secret that in the aviation maintenance business an A&P can lead to higher wages; sometimes without even changing jobs. Just having an A&P can boost your pay! If you hold a 5-level and are in a 2A Air Force Specialty Code, it’s worth taking a look at this brochure.

Credentialing Program- This program allows Airmen with a professional certification or license to get college credit when they directly apply to the Airman's AFSC. For example, if you have a communications AFSC and a CompTIA Certification, you may be able to get 3-6 credits for something you've already accomplished. There is an entire list of certifications and licenses for a number of industries in which we have AFSCs. 

CCAF General Education Mobile (GEM)- GEM is a partnership between CCAF & participating regionally accredited civilian schools to provide general education courses that meet CCAF requirements in an online format with any time, anywhere availability. One of the nice parts about this program is that you can rest assured knowing you don't have to worry about the accreditation of these schools. Additionally, in MOST cases, you'll also be working toward a Bachelor's degree by working on your CCAF. 

Air University's Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) Program- directs Airmen with associate in applied science degrees from the CCAF to a collection of accredited "military friendly" colleges and universities to consider when they decide it's time to work toward a four-year degree. The program maximizes the application of military career education and training, and provides a multitude of online academic and support services for the enlisted member. Just select your AFSC from the list and a menu of schools will populate. These schools will accept most, if not all, of you CCAF credits.

Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation. Make your own luck by being prepared for your next opportunity using the resources available to you.

That's it for this week. I hope this has been helpful; please feel free to discuss this topic with your peers, supervisors, and subordinates, you never know who it could help. Thanks for your time and all you do!