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June Fitness Tips

  • Published
  • By Michelle Walker
  • 169th Force Support Squadron

Nutrition Tips for the summer

Hot summer days and nights are just around the corner…so are backyard BBQ’s, pool parties, and days at the beach. With the temperature rising, it’s tempting to reach for those foods that usually accompany these activities…hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, soda and alcohol to name just a few. Unfortunately, these foods do little to properly fuel your body, but can do a lot of damage to your waistline. So here are just a few tips and tricks to help make this summer your healthiest ever.

Prevent dehydration and other heat-related illnesses by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and limiting beverages that can cause dehydration such as coffee, tea, soda or alcohol.

Take advantage of the wide variety of fresh summer produce – berries are lower in sugar and provide a host of antioxidants to help keep the body healthy. Vegetables, besides being full of vitamins and minerals, can help get you the extra water and fiber you need each day.

When barbequing, choose lean meats such as ground turkey and skinless chicken breasts. For added flavor, marinate the meat overnight!

Try to incorporate a good healthy snack, which has both a lean protein and a complex carbohydrate in it, between meals. The protein will help keep you full, and prevent you from overeating during mealtime.

Watch the empty calories from alcohol.

Fun, summertime drinks such as mai tai’s, margaritas and pina coladas are full of sugar, which translates to lots of calories (sometimes in excess of 800 per drink).

Light beer typically has ~100 calories, a regular beer, 140-200 calories, a 5 oz glass of wine ~75-150 calories and a single shot of liquor can contain 115-200 calories.

Have a healthy and safe summer!!!