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January Retiree's Corner

  • Published
  • By Robert Barkalow Jr.
  • Master Sgt. (retired)

We had a record-setting crowd for our December Luncheon and 2017 The Wing Commander made a late appearance to come by and see us for our December Luncheon. We had 72 folks to show up, the NCO Club was not initially prepared for those numbers and they had to bring in three more tables to accommodate us. After the Wing Commander’s remarks he was followed up by Chaplain Brian Bohlman, and he gave us a visual tour of the South Pole. Coincidentally, our Luncheon was his first anniversary of coming back to the States from the South Pole.

Our first timers were Archie Hudson, Brad Gibson, and Cheryl Metz. There was another first-timer to show, but he got away before I could get his name and email address. In addition to all our frivolity, Stan Hood showed up with about three or four of his Still Hope buddies, it was good to see him, and meet with his new friends. Needless to say, we had a longer than normal luncheon.


McEntire History: We are still honoring the folks that are on our Monument, this month we will provide the names that are on the upper South Side of  the Obelisk, which is facing the Headquarters Building, although it may not be there by the time you receive this, it is scheduled to be demolished. The names are as follows: A. S. Thorpe (1998-Archie S. Thorpe, Jr.), Roger C. Brundage (1998), W. R. Latham (1998), Alfred C. Kawohl (1998), Silas T. Moore (1999, William H. Gwinn, Jr. (1999), J. A. Patterson (1999-Joseph A.), Hugh V. Harbort (1999), F. C. Thomas (1999), Leslie Ingram, Sr. (1999), J. Gardner (1999-Johnnie), D. K. Johnson (1999-Donald K.), William E. Russ (1999), Allen W. Green (1999), Harry B. Milford (1999), David G. Barnhurst (1999). R. Hodge (1999-Randall), and V. A. Guinyard (1999-Victor A.). Some of these names I am checking or verifying when they retired, so more research needs to be done on several of these folks.


We had 40 people to retire during calendar year 2017, this brings a ‘net’ total of 1,363 retirees. Not having a full accounting of all of the retirees (the “Missing Links”) I maintain our retirement numbers should be closer to 1,400 Retirees. As long as I am living and breathing you have my word that I will keep researching to get closer to the real numbers, and I will be asking for help from the many rank and file Retirees. I will report this information every year to all interested and concerned parties.


There was a major deployment in January 2000, Operation Northern Watch, to Turkey, what was interesting about this deployment, you had the whole base involved with elements of the 169th, 240th, and 245th all involved and deployed.


For our next Luncheon the coming up New Year, we are going to do January 9th, the second Tuesday, the reason being the NCO Club will be closed and the troops should be still returning the first Tuesday, so please mark your calendar accordingly. We also will have our annual Memorial Service for all known folks who passed away during calendar year 2017. Another side note, January is a ‘blue moon month’, so crazy and good things may happen, and a good way to start off the New Year!