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November Retiree's Corner

  • Published
  • By Bob Barkalow Jr.
  • Master Sgt. (Retired)
We had approximately 60 people for our October Luncheon, and a good one it was! We were pressed into finding a 'featured' speaker, since the slated McEntire speaker was deployed. We came up with Mr. Murray Price, a former B-24 Bomber Pilot who flew 40 combat missions in the South Pacific. Mr. Price is 95 1/2 years old, his memory is remarkable, he was able to tell us about his crew, their personalities, and even certain missions by number. He mainly flew out of Saipan, and sometimes Tinian. He helped bomb Iwo Jima several times before the invasion during February 1945. He had a video that he shared with us, at first we had some sound difficulty, but it was fixed about half way through the program. Murray Price is the father in law to one of our Retirees, Tom "Chunky Monkey" Moye, who retired in 1992. He, like me, was prior service Navy, he was an Airdale with them during Vietnam, serving on two different Aircraft Carriers. Later, like me, he joined SCANG, originally with the 240th, before switching over to CE. He was also, a first timer.

Murray Price talked for about 25 minutes or so, and of course he had rapt attention, our attendees were mesmerized about what all he had to say and tell. Very fascinating man, with a great story. A lot of people hung around to talk to him afterwards, he enjoyed it, but probably was getting a little tired. Tom Moye looks out for him, he is his chauffer and aide de camp! I invited them back and believe we will see them now and again.

McEntire History: We are still honoring our Korean War Call-Up guys, which at the time of this writing was about 66 years ago, October 10, 1950. October 10th is coincidentally the Marine Corps Anniversary Date also, it was formed up 241 years ago at Tun's Tavern (fitting) in New Jersey. If anyone has a chance and you are in the Washington DC area, stop by and see the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico, VA. I digressed, got caught up with the October 10 date? The following Korean War call-ups are; Sgt's Amos A. Frick, Johnnie Gardner, Lester Gladden, Charles D. Hare, Harold A. Kline, Joel M. Lemacks, Joseph R. McCaskill, John M. Motley, Peter P. Palmer, Arthur T. Paul, Jr., James P. Rogers, Guy A. Shaw, William F. Shipley, Richard T. Sloan (Slick), Robert O. Spratlin, Charles F. Styles, Archie B. Taylor, Jr., James H. Tuten, and Carl E. Young. They were all attached to Detachment B, 216th Air Service Group. I am 'guessing' that you may recognize many names in this group.

November Deployments: The 110th Aircraft, Control and Warning Squadron was formed up in December of 1950. It was called to active duty in November of 1951, 208 officers and men went initially to Donaldson AFB, just out of Greenville, SC. There they were combined with members from Ohio and Florida, and were lumped together as part of the 155th Tactical Control Group. After about a year of training, the 155th was assigned and disbursed to Germany with some members ending up in France. The 110th was disbanded in 1953, and many of the members were re-assigned to the 157th Fighter Squadron. I know so little about this unit, since most of the former members have passed away, I wish I could have picked Buck Buchanan's mind more about this unit.

November 27, 1990, Desert Shield/Desert Storm Call-Up, 727 of us were sent to Saudi Arabia. I'll expand more about this deployment next month.