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It's time to clean-up your DTS

MCENTIRE JOINT NATIONAL GUARD BASE, S.C. -- If you have recently gone TDY or been deployed, please complete your Defense Travel System vouchers because there may be money you are due, said the Wing's Comptroller, Lt. Col. Michael Dunkin.

The 169th Fighter Wing is also facing another problem when people create an authorization (or two) for a trip and never complete a voucher after a school, deployment or assignment ends which results in unnecessarily tying-up allocated dollars for the wing.

"Once you have an authorization, we cannot do anything with that money because it's been obligated," said Dunkin.

The Comptroller Flight sees where people may have two authorizations for the same TDY or school because they start an authorization, walk away from it and start another. Simply logging into DTS to either complete the voucher, or delete one of the authorizations, can drastically improve the wing's status.

The 169th Fighter Wing isn't doing well when it comes to orders where vouchers have not been filed and is ranked 80th out of 93 wings. With travel card delinquencies, the wing is ranked 92nd out of 93. Those numbers reported can be drastically changed by Airmen logging into DTS and either clearing out an authorization, or filing a travel voucher.

He added while DTS can be difficult for many people who don't use it often, the Comptroller Flight is available to assist anyone.

"If they have questions, we can help," said Dunkin.