South Carolina Air National Guard F-16s on the flight line

169th Fighter Wing Units

Headquarters, SCANG

Headquarters, SCANG
Brig. Gen. Akshai Gandhi, Chief of Staff, SCANG
Col. Butch Bowers, Asst. Adjutant General, Air

  - Director of Staff, JFHQ, SCANG, Col. Michael Dunkin
    - State Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Isaac Carr

169th Fighter Wing

169th Fighter  Wing (803-647-8200) 

Col. Quaid H. Quadri, Jr., Wing and Base Commander 
   -Vice Commander, Col. Andrew Thorne
   -Wing Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Dayne Peterson

169th Comptroller Flight (803-647-8220)
 Maj. Marian Morrison, Commander

169th Operations Group

169th Operations Group (803-647-8231)

Col. Michael Ferrario, Commander
   -157th Fighter Squadron (803-647-8455)
     Lt. Col. Shaun Bowes, Commander
   -169th Aerospace Control Alert (803-647-8188)
     Lt. Col. Jeffrey Beckham, Commander
   -169th Operations Support Squadron (803-647-8231)
     Lt. Col. Ryan Corrigan, Commander
   - 245th Air Traffic Control Squadron (803-647-8432)
     Lt. Col. Robert Gainous, Commander

169th Medical Group

169th Medical Group (803-647-8295)

Col. Phillip Latham, Commander

169th Mission Support Group

169th Mission Support Group (803-647-8411)
 Col. Michael Dotson, Commander
   -169th Civil Engineer Squadron (803-647-8291)
     Lt. Col. Gareth Fleischer, Commander
   -169th Logistics Readiness Squadron (803-647-8617)
     Lt. Col. Walter Hummel, Commander
   -169th Security Forces Squadron (803-647-8284)
     Lt. Col. Paul Laymon, Commander
   -169th Communications Squadron (803-647-8622)
     Lt. Col. Alex Jackson, Commander
   -169th Force Support Squadron (803-647-8725)
     Lt. Col. Kenneth Hartman, Commander

169th Maintenance Group

169th Maintenance Group (803-647-8360)

Col. Adrian Meyer, Commander
   -169th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (803-647-8524)
     Lt. Col. Brian Doyle, Commander
   -169th Maintenance Squadron (803-647-8670)
     Lt. Col. Shawn Daley, Commander
   -169th Maintenance Operations Flight (803-647-8360)
     Maj. Shawn Schroder, Commander

Tenant Units

316th Fighter Squadron, Active Association (803-647-8497)
Lt. Col. Gentry Kramer, Commander