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***The Recruiting Assistance Program is back! All South Carolina Air National Guard members are eligible to participate. The Recruiting Office is in need of qualified applicants that will be an asset to our organization. We are asking that everyone poll their neighborhoods, churches, work places etc to see if there is anyone that would be a good fit for our unit.
Most career fields are available, some also come with bonuses. The bonus for a Non-Prior Service is $20,000.00 and for a Prior Service it is $15,000.00 for a six year enlistment. Bonus career fields change quarterly so be sure to check availability with someone in the Recruiting Office.

Full-Time Active Duty Military Careers

Excel to greater heights with a full time career in the Air National Guard. Visit the Career Opportunities page to find full-time, military challenging positions. Make your future happen and apply today!

State Career Opportunities
To learn more about jobs available within a specific state, visit the ANG State Units Listing to find Careers web sites listed for each state.

Part-Time Careers
Protect America 's skies and serve your country while working part-time for Air National Guard.
-- You can earn up to $20,000 towards college tuition while working part-time in your hometown when joining the Air National Guard.
-- $10,000 Signing Bonus! Right now Air National Guard is also offering a $10,000 signing bonus. Did you know that in the Air National Guard you can serve your country while staying close to home, family and friends? While going to school, you only work a minimum of one weekend a month and two-weeks a year. You can earn college credit while obtaining military and career training, which will make you marketable after you graduate. Air National Guard offers you over 180 different career choices including healthcare, communications, avionics, electronics, and more. Find real-time job openings in your hometown.

tabTOP ACHIEVERS & PME Graduates 
31 July 2014
Full Time
CGO - 2nd Lt. Elizabeth Hewett, 169th LRS
FGO - Maj. William Broman, 169th OSS
SNCO - Master Sgt. David Guy, Det 157
NCO - Tech. Sgt. Jason Greene, Det 157
Airman - Senior Airman James Trull, 169th LRS
CGO - Capt. Mark Fattmann, 157th FS
SNCO - Ralph Guyton, 169th SFS
NCO - Tech. Sgt. Daniel S. Tatum, 169th CES
Airman - Airman 1st Class Adam Williams, 245th ATCS

Top Achievers
Airman 1st Class Jonathan Wentworth
Distinguished Graduate, AETC Commander's Award, 365th Training Squadron Fighter Avionics Flight Chief's Award
F-16 Integrated Avionic Systems Apprentice Course
Airman 1st Class Matthew Turner
Distinguished Graduate, 14 July
Knowledge Operations Management Course
Tech. Sgt. Caycee Watson
Honor Graduate
Basic Combat Correspondence Course
Tech. Sgt. Sanita Freeman
Academic Achievement
Aviation Resource Management Apprentice Course
tabPrior service 
There are plenty of great jobs for experienced military personnel. If you had a honorable discharge you may be eligible to join the South Carolina Air National Guard. 
  • Prior service in any branch is accepted
  • Part time job which requires attendance at Guard Drills one weekend per month and 15 days of annual training each year.
  • Must be able to complete 20 years combined service time by age 60.
    Rank is determined by grade held on separation and current unit vacancies.
  • Do not need to attend basic military training again, but may have to attend an Air Force technical school if not qualified in a convertible skill. Cross training is an option, dependent on current unit vacancies.
  • Enlistment term options are one (1) year (if never been a member of the Air National Guard and qualified in Air Force Specialty Code), three (3) years or six (6) years.
tabState Benefits 
Group Insurance $5,000-$50,000 for member, spouse + dependants w/payroll deduction. Free $5,000 for new enlistees through basic + technical training.
Medical Benefits State Active Duty: worker's comp
State Tax Advantage Pay for required service exempt
Miscellaneous Auto tags, no extra charge. State empl: 15 days mil leave-training. 30 days mil leave-emergency.
Injury / Death Benefits State Active Duty: worker's comp
Worker's Compensation Yes
Reimbursement State Active Duty: approved expenses.
tabJob Openings 
Current as of:  30 June 2014

The 169th Civil Engineer Squadron has an opening for a Civil Engineer Officer (Major), AFSC 32EX. Applications will be accepted until August 15. Forward a cover letter or copy of the vacancy announcement, resume, AF Form 24, official transcripts, AFOQT scores, fitness test and copy of DD 214 (for prior service members) to Master Sgt. Christopher Sewell to 110-8 Forum Drive, Columbia, S.C. 29229. For more information, call (803) 206-2499 or email christopher.sewell@ang.af.mil. For technical questions about the position, call Lt. Col. Tim Dotson at (803) 647-8606 or email michael.dotson@ang.af.mil.

The 169th Civil Engineer Squadron
 has an opening for a First Sergeant. Master Sgt. and Tech. Sgt. (eligible for promotion) are eligible to apply. Candidates should submit a resume, Rip, letter of intent and current PT score of at least an 80 on the last two tests or 90 on the most recent test with no exemptions or failures in the last 12 months, to Command Chief Master Sgt. Stephen Shepherd (803) 556-7537.

The 169th Security Forces Squadron has an opening for a First Sergeant. Master Sgt. and Tech. Sgt. (eligible for promotion) are eligible to apply. Candidates should submit a resume, Rip, letter of intent and current PT score of at least an 80 on the last two tests or 90 on the most recent test with no exemptions or failures in the last 12 months, to Command Chief Master Sgt. Stephen Shepherd (803) 556-7537.

The 169th Medical Group is seeking a Unit Training Manager. Current training manager experience preferred. This is an E-5 traditional Air National Guard position. Contact 169fw.rso.recruiters@ang.af.mil for more information.
College Assistance Program (CAP)
If you did not use all of your CAP funds for the current academic year, you will be allowed to use the remaining funds for the summer term. If you did not use the entire $9,000, go to www.169fw.ang.af.mil and select "College Assistance" in the "Important For You" tab, to complete your application. Direct questions to Senior Master Sgt. Timmons at, (803) 315-7482.

Tuesdays, 1 p.m.
Drill Sundays, 12:30 p.m.
Report for testing no later than 15 minutes before the test. Members testing on CDCs required for upgrade training must bring their AFIADL 9 course card with the following items documented:

Date review training began
Date due completion
Date review training ended
Supervisor's signature
Trainee's signature

Members without the card and required information are not allowed to test. For more information, contact a unit training manager.

Airman Leadership School (Satellite-PME)
Receive full "in-residence" PME credit for this PME course. More courses will be held throughout the year, contact Base Training for more details to enroll.

Airman Leadership School (In-residence)
Class start dates -- five-week duration
56 seats for ANG members

14 JUL 14 - 14 AUG 14
8 SEP 14 - 9 OCT 14

Noncommissioned Officers Academy
Class start dates -- six-week duration
75 seats for ANG members

8 JUL 14 - 14 AUG 14
2 SEP 14 - 9 OCT 14

 Inside 169FW

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tabMovin' Up, Movin' In & Movin' On
August Promotions
Senior Master Sgt.
Michael Stewart, 169th MXS
Master Sgt.
Veronica Moore, 169th CES
Tech. Sgt.
Nykeeia Heath, 169th CFT
Staff Sgt.
Kyle Baker, 169th OSS
Braxton Baughman, 245th ATCS
Ryan Claymore, 169th AMXS
Kevin Hagins, 169th MXS
Millard Morgan, 169th CES
Collin Noel, 169th MXS
Senior Airman
Brian Patterson, 169th MXS
Kenya Schartz, 169th FSS
Luca Siciliano, 169th AMXS

Welcome Active Associates
Staff Sgt. Adam Rickard, 169th LRS
Airman 1st Class Austin Walder, 169th MXS

July Enlistments
Tech. Sgt.
Kate Jackson, 169th FW
Staff Sgt.
Steven Pietras, 245th ATCs
Senior Airman
Tojosoa Caswell, 169th OSF
Tobias Chiles, 169th CES
Javen Glazener, 169th MXS
Harry Martin Jr., 169th MXS
Airman 1st Class
Eric Chestnut, 169th AMXS
Leon Davis, 169th MXS
Jeffrey Decedue, 245th ATCS
Reggie German, 169th SVF
Virgil Maralit, 245th ATCS
Aaron Rumsey, 169th CES
Kevon Taylor, 169th CES

August Retirees
Master Sgt. Raymond Derienzo Jr.
24 yrs, 169th OSS
Master Sgt. William Brown
20 yrs, 69th FSS
Master Sgt. Timothy Mauldin
20 yrs, 169th AMXS

tabHow to become a member
The first step is to contact an Air National Guard recruiter to find out if you are eligible. Initial screening will be conducted based on qualification criteria. Your recruiter will schedule you to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test (if not taken in high school) and physical exam. Once "qualified" you will look at the possible list of career fields for you to choose from. You will see the section first hand, allowing for a sound decision on your career options.
tabGetting a commission
While serving as an enlisted person, you may be eligible to apply for an officer position. You must be a college graduate and pass the Air Force Officer Qualitative Test (AFOQT) and physical exam. You may also be required to attend a technical training school.
You must meet certain enlistment criteria to qualify for membership in the Air National Guard. These criteria ensure that those who join have the right mental, physical, and moral aptitudes to perform the tasks required for military service. General requirements include: 
  • AGE. Must be between the age of 17 and 39. Consent from a parent or legal guardian is required if 17.
  • CITIZENSHIP. Must be a United States citizen or naturalize citizen.
  • EDUCATION. High school seniors or those with a high school diploma or a general equivalency diploma (GED) are eligible.
  • MENTAL APTITUDE. Must achieve a minimum score of 31 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. Must also qualify in a specific area of the ASVAB depending on occupational choice.
  • PHYSICAL CONDITION. Must be able to pass an initial military entrance physical exam, be in good health and meet minimum height and weight standards. Certain illnesses, past injuries or diseases may disqualify an individual for enlistment.
  • MORAL CHARACTER. Must meet standards which cover arrests, convictions and drug usage.
  • TERM OF ENLISTMENT. An enlistment contract is for a total of eight (8) years. As few as four ( 4) years can be served in a drill status, with the remainder served in an inactive status. NOTE: You must enlist for six (6) years to receive educational or incentive benefits.

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