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Meet the SCANG
Recruiting Staff!

Recruiting & Retention Superintendent
Senior Master Sgt. Steve David

Office: 803-647-8211
Cell: 803-608-3098

Retention Office Manager
Master Sgt. Kenneth Monroe
Office: 803-647-8854
Cell: 803-315-7419

Recruiting Office Supervisor
Master Sgt. James Rodriguez
Office: 647-8850
Cell: 803-305-3289

Production Recruiter
Tech. Sgt. Marcheita Cockfield
Office: 803-647-8824
Cell: 803-331-0421

Production Recruiter
Tech. Sgt. Thomas Edmunds
Office: 803-647-8850
Cell: 803-391-6348

Production Recruiter
Tech. Sgt. Walter James
Office: 803-647-8850
Cell: 803-206-2499

Recruiting Administrative Assistant
Staff Sgt. Pauline Craig
Office: 803-647-8850

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